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What Are the Grounds for Divorce in NY State?

Couples choose to get divorced for a variety of reasons, and in most states, spouses have the option of choosing a “no-fault” divorce. In the state of New York, residents didn’t have this option until recently. Before 2010, divorces would only be granted if you could prove that you and your spouse had separated, or […]

5 Tips for Writing Your Will

Writing a will is a necessity to ensure your loved ones understand your wishes for your passing and the dispersal of your assets. Without a properly executed will, your loved ones will face strife, confusion and a host of legal matters in dealing with your belongings and finances. At Scheichet & Davis, P.C. in New […]

What is a Real Estate Closing Statement?

You just completed a real estate transaction – congratulations. Now, your New York real estate lawyer is preparing a closing statement. What is a real estate closing statement, and why is it necessary? What is a Real Estate Closing Statement? A closing statement is simply a summary of the transaction that you will keep for […]

6 Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Commercial Real Estate Property

Completing your due diligence when considering a purchase of commercial real estate is more complex than when you are buying residential property. There are additional steps that must be taken to safeguard your investment. The legal experts of Scheichet & Davis, P.C. routinely advise and assist clients with the steps involved in making a wise […]

When Is The Best Time To Write My Will?

Death is topic most people try to avoid. As unpleasant and uncomfortable as the subject may be, it’s important to start planning for it early on to ensure that your family is taken care of in the future. So, when’s the best time to write your will if you live in midtown NYC – or […]

Worth The Investment: Trust And Estate Lawyers

It’s a tough time for anyone: losing a family member or friend. Not focusing on the legal matters at hand is a common occurrence but one that should not be forgotten. With trusts, estates and wills left in the balance, it’s imperative to find an attorney who can handle your situation with professionalism. Here are […]

A Trustworthy Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Learn The Basics Before Settlement Begins

Divorce is a difficult time for families, so it’s important to for the parties involved to find a lawyer who can address their settlement needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Divorce Lawyer New York, NY   In New York, there are a few pointers to keep in mind before proceedings begin: Legal settlements can […]

Family Law In New York Encompasses Much More Than Divorce Cases

In New York, family law traditionally dealt with cases involving divorce and custody of children. Over time, the field has grown to include other aspects of law, such as: tax planning, estate planning, bankruptcy, children’s rights, adoption, domestic violence, mental health, alternative dispute resolution and more. Family Lawyer New York, NY In many of these instances, […]

Closing On A House? Have A Real Estate Lawyer There With You

You’re so close to signing on the dotted line for a new property, you can taste it. You’ve found your dream home, you’ve met with the seller and have agreed to a transaction. Only one thing left to do: close. It can be a nerve-racking experience, and having a lawyer there with you can be […]